Joining the Air Force is a huge life decision, and we know there are many questions people have about it. Whether you are wondering about what sets the Air Force apart from other branches, or if you are simply curious about how long Basic Training is, we have the answers. Below you will find a list of common questions about the Air Force that will help you decide if the Air Force is the right fit for you. If we do not have your question listed, be sure to reach out to your local Air Force recruiter. We are ready to help answer any questions about the Air Force you might have. Air Force recruiters are dedicated to helping individuals like you find the Air Force specialty that will benefit both you and our country.

What sets the Air Force apart from any other military branch?

The Air Force differs by offering specialties that are directly transferable to the civilian workforce. Through the Air Force you can also receive college credit through the Community College of the Air Force. No other branch has an accredited university which sets the Air Force apart from any other military branch.

Will I deploy?

Whether or not you will deploy throughout your Air Force career will depend on what job you have. Some jobs deploy more often than others.

How long is Basic Military Training (BMT)?

Basic Military Training is 8.5 weeks however, due to covid-19, it is currently 7 weeks. You will also attend additional training after BMT called Technical Training which is where you learn the job you came into the Air Force to do. The length and location of your technical school depends on your job.

Do you get paid while in Basic Military Training (BMT)?

Yes as soon as you begin your career in the Air Force you will be paid every 1st and 15th of each month.

Can I choose where I will be stationed?

You are given the chance to list 16 location preferences, 8 stateside, and 8 overseas. These preferences will be considered, but not guaranteed. The Air Force mission come first in all base assignments.

How often will I have to move in the Air Force?

The Air Force determines where your skills are best utilized. The amount of times you change base locations will vary. Some jobs in the Air Force may require you to move every 3 years. Others may find themselves at the same base for longer. No matter where you go, the Air Force provides the support you and your family will need to make the move as easiest as possible.

What score will I need on the ASVAB to join the Air Force?

The ASVAB score minimum is 32 to join the Air Force, however the higher you score the more jobs you qualify for.

What are the benefits of joining the Air Force?

The Air Force offers full health care coverage which includes dental and vision. You will also receive 30 days paid vacation time, clothing and housing allowances and access to tuition assistance. The Air Force also offers an enticing retirement package, and now offers a 401k style retirement option that you can take with you even if you only serve 4 years.

How much do you make in the Air Force?

According to, Two main factors affect how military pay is calculated: years of service and rank, which generally corresponds with military pay grade.

What is the minimum time you can serve in the Air Force?

Upon enlistment of the Air Force, you will have the option to serve either 4 or 6 years.

Can you join the Air force and be HIV positive?

No, this is a disqualifying circumstance.

Can you have diabetes and go to the Air Force Academy?

No, you cannot.

How much money do you make in the Air Force?

It depends on your job, rank, and time in the Air Force.

How much money does is cost to join the Air Force?

There is no cost to join the Air Force.

How tall do you have to be to join the Air Force?

You have to meet height and weight requirements

How do you become an Air Force Recruiter?

Air Force recruiting is a special duty assignment that you have to be selected for and meet minimum rank requirements of SSgt.

How do I join the Air Force?

You can apply to join the Air Force by scheduling an appointment with your local recruiter.

Is the Air Force hiring right now?

Yes, the Air Force is currently hiring.

Is the Air Force PT test changing?

The Air Force PT test is not changing. Due to Covid-19, it is on hold until January 2021.

What do you have to do to join the Air Force?

In order to join the Air Force, you must meet the eligibility requirements.

What jobs are in demand in the Air Force right now?

Security Forces and Mechanical jobs are in high demand.




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